Where to Play?

Try Valor playing the games below. Each game contains items which you can scan using your app!

Escape the Bear

A web-based proof of concept game developed by MVG to showcase the ability for users to collect and scan products in games using the Valor app.

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Woolen Warefare

Explore our bold new Island map in Fortnite. Drop in, play mini games against friends and discover the secrets of Polysleep Woolen Warfare Island!

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Ski Balenciaga

Navigate the Balenciaga slalom ski-slope, wearing apparel from the new collection, and compete against other players worldwide.

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How it Works?

Valor provides a simple and easy-to-use way for gamers to connect with your brand and experiences, providing a non-disruptive for of product placement which enhances gameplay and user experience  

Open your Valor app

Downloaded the Valor app from either the IOS App Store, or Google Play Store. Once the app has been downloaded, open the app - you'll be presented with a home-screen prompting you to "Get Started".

Scan your first item

To scan your first item, click the yellow "scan" button found in the bottom centre of the mobile app. Please note you have additional options providing in-app guidance, and your scan history for future reference.

Photograph the item you want to scan

Using your mobile camera, take a photo of the item you wish to scan.
Please note, to improve the chances of a successful scan, take a clear picture with limited blur and screen glare.

Upload your image

Having taken a photo of the item you wish to scan, click the "Use Photo" option found in the bottom right of your screen.
This will allow Valor to use the photo to detect items.

Detection successful

If you have successfully detected an item within a game, the item will appear front and centre of your screen with additional information about what the item is, and the game you were playing when you scanned it. To view the end destination, click the yellow button in the bottom centre of your screen.  

End Destination

Having clicked the yellow button in the bottom centre of your screen you will be taken to the desired end destination for that specific item within a game.
Please note this is not limited to an E-Commerce store and could be any end-point url desired.